Patient - Alison Wydawski  
Surgery date - 6/4/2010, Lap Adjustable Gastric Banding, Dr. Gerhart
Weight lost - >100 lbs.

Ali shares her results in her own words:

"There are so many things I can do now that I couldn't do before my surgery - walk long distances, shop for hours and hours without the help of a cane or shopping cart, RUN! I had diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure. Meds for diabetes - decreased from 2500 mg of metformin/day to 500, and my lisinopril for high blood pressure decreased from 30 to 5 mg. I was taking 8-10 ibuprofen for arthritis pain, but no longer have to. If my labs come back good before my next visit to my pcp, I'll likely be off both the diabetes and blood pressure meds!"

Since my surgery I have taken up some new hobbies - one of which is kayaking!!  I've also gone hiking, taken up Zumba and hope to back to riding my bike very soon! I would DEFINITELY have the surgery again! I'm so glad that I saw that little ad in the paper for Dr. Gerhart's presentation last March! I am so glad that I had this surgery done!

I have struggled with my weight for all of my life. I looked into gastric bypass and banding before, but never got approved and/or followed through (for various reasons). When 2010 rolled around, with a milestone birthday coming up, I was determined to take control of my weight for good.

I was led to Dr. Gerhart and was so glad I did. He was never judgemental in any way (as many doctors I've met are) While attending his presentation, after talking about my struggles and how I had recently lost about 50 pounds on my own (and was now stuck) he actually PRAISED me for trying so hard to take control on my own.

I remember him saying to me you are the kind of person who is perfect for this program! No doctor has ever praised me for having even a small success on my own. That really stuck with me. Dr. Gerhart's is always upbeat and positive when I see him even if I've had a backslide.

This procedure and Dr. Gerhart have changed my LIFE!!

When people look at me, they may see someone who is overweight and (at current) a size 14, but coming from my highest weight of 350 lbs, a clothing size of 28-30W and a pre-surgery weight of 289, being at 189 lbs (and under 200) for the first time in over 24 years, makes me feel incredible! I am doing things with my husband that I never thought we would have the chance to do together, and finding new and exciting physical activities to try - my next adventure is to go zip lining!!

If I could say one thing to someone who is thinking about having this (or any weight loss surgery) done, I say get off the couch and go to one of Dr. Gerhar'ts presentations and DO IT!! It will change your life!!"