Your psychological care begins before surgery. Psychological testing is part of a routine evaluation for consideration of bariatric surgery.

As a preoperative patient, you will meet with one of our licensed psychologists for an evaluation to help you explore your feelings about the surgery and your expected weight loss.

The psychological evaluation is also used to assist with recovery after surgery and to help maximize your potential for long-term success with the necessary changes that will follow.

One widely used test all patients are given is called the MMPI-2. This test takes anywhere from 1 to 1 ½ hours to complete. It is a simple true and false test that you will take in the office that same day. This test will help determine how prepared you are for surgery, assist your treatment team in preparing you for surgery, and enhance the likelihood of your long-term success in the program.

Our licensed psychologists will also be available after surgery to see you individually or to provide referrals to other agencies should you be interested in further support on an individual basis.